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MEDIMED is a special-interest international documentary market focused on the promotion and distribution of ready-made films and new projects from the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean countries.

The aim is to foster professional and intercultural dialogue between European professionals and to enhance documentary distribution and co-productions between North and South EU member states but also the funding and circulation of EU and South Mediterranean films within the MEDA countries and worldwide.

MEDIMED has played a central role in developing a modern, robust doc industry in the Euro-Med region. This approach has subsequently proved attractive to producers from all over the EU, who benefit from our deep knowledge on the South Med countries procedures/funds when wanting to co-produce with South Med partners. Is well known for creating audio-visual bridges by bringing together EU/Arab/Israeli content and attendance and by offering a variety of genres, politically committed projects and the many European and world premieres selected each year for its catalogue.

Add to that the presence of a selected group of renowned filmmakers, key decision makers and broadcasters, round table discussions, public presentations, workshops, experienced staff, it has become a must attend event for the international documentary professionals: the marketplace for lobbying and innovation at a human scale.

MEDIMED is conceived and organized by APIMED, the International Associatiion of Independent Producers of the Mediterranean.


The International Association of Independent Producers of the Mediterranean (APIMED) is a non-profit making association that was founded in 1999 (Inscription # 22581) and today is gathering more than 400 film and television producers from 16 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

APIMED is the only transnational association of audio-visual producers based in the Mediterranean area. Our aim is to contribute to preserve all cultures of the Mediterranean region and to promote their diversity within the audio-visual industry, encouraging our members to reinforce their capacities to develop innovative audio-visual projects.

APIMED has become an internationally recognized association and has developed a unique network of private operators and top industry experts that gathers diverse identities and cultures towards the common objective of gaining higher recognition and presence among the international audio-visual landscape.

The main office is located at the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), a consortium founded in 1989 comprising the Catalan Government, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Barcelona City Council, that has adopted a clear role as a think tank specialised in Mediterranean relations based on a multidisciplinary and networking approach.


Isona Passola, President (Massa d’Or Produccions, Spain)
Boualem Aissaoui, Vice President (CIM Audiovisuel, Algeria)
Dima Al Joundi, Vice President (Crystal Films, Lebanon)
Mohamed Charbagi, Vice President (Alif Productions, France)
Rodolophe Dietrich, General Secretary (Zorn Production International, France)
Olga Abazoglou, Treasurer (Cyclope Productions, Greece)


Dima Ahmad (Collage Productios, Palestine)
Abdellatif Ben Ammar (Dumar Video Film, Tunisia)
Nadia Cherabi (Procom International, Algeria)
Serge Gordey, (Temps Noir, France)
Mohamed Habib Attia (Cinetelefilms, Tunisia)
Paule Herades (Stella Productions, France)
Patricia Hubinet (Les Films du Soleil, France)
Nurit Kedar (One Shot Productions, Israel)


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