The Euro-Mediterranean Doc Market will return 11-14 October 2018 offering the Pitching Forum, the Speedy-Pitch Meetings and the ANTI-pitch program specially designed to help producers find the finance needed to complete their projects. More than 280 documentary films have been completed since MEDMED was established.

Among them: “Elephant’s Dream” Roast Beef Productions (UK), “Feminists Insha’Allah” Drôle du trame (France), “I am Femen” Caravel Production (Switzerland), “Kismet” Anemon Productions (Greece), “Mr. Gaga” The Heymann Brothers Films (Israel), “Oleg” Intropía Media (Spain), “The Optimists” Skofteland Films (Norway) and “Songs of War” A&O Buero (Germany) Emmy Award 2012 - Best Art Programming.

MEDIMED is a special-interest international documentary market focused on the promotion and distribution of ready-made films and new projects from the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean countries. The aim is to foster professional and intercultural dialogue between European professionals and to enhance documentary distribution and co-productions between North and South EU member states but also the funding and circulation of EU and South Mediterranean films within the MEDA countries and worldwide.

MEDIMED has played a central role in developing a modern, robust doc industry in the Euro-Med region. This approach has subsequently proved attractive to producers from all over the EU, who benefit from our deep knowledge on the South Med countries procedures/funds when wanting to co-produce with South Med partners.

It is the only market that has achieved to create audiovisual bridges by bringing together EU/Arab/Israeli content and attendance and by offering a variety of genres, politically committed projects and the many European and world premieres selected each year for its catalogue.

Our program ranges from the works of multi awarded European and South Med directors/producers to new talent; from large-scale theatrical releases to films and formats that don’t necessarily reach our cinemas and TV-screens. Add to that the presence of many renowned filmmakers, key decision makers and broadcasters, the channel updates, round table discussions, workshops, experienced staff, it’s no wonder that it has become a must attend event for the intl. doc professionals, the best marketplace for lobbying and innovation at a human scale.

We offer extensive marketplace opportunities: The Forum is focused on a slate of 30 pre-selected projects 14’ public presentations. The Speedy Pitch gives the chance to producers with a seedling project to individually 10’ meetings with decision makers: selection of 25 projects maximum. The Anti-Pitch is an innovative format that breaks the traditional rules of formal pitch events: 10 projects in an advanced stage of production that participate in 60’ informal group discussions in order to better meet the intl. audience. The multi-booth digitalized Vidéothèque is a space where info about all films are given and where buyers can view the Medimed 500 films catalogue. One-on-ones meetings: pre-scheduled in order to conclude deals or plan further sales meetings.